Toward Precision Cancer Care: Biobehavioral Contributions to the Exposome

Chicago, Illinois - October 26, 2012

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Listen to co-chair, Karen Weihs, as she invites you to attend the upcoming "Toward Precision Cancer Care" Meeting.

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This program featured exemplary science that:

  1. captures the influence of individual/intrapersonal, neighborhood and societal factors,
  2. explores the embedding of those factors via biological and molecular pathways across the lifecourse, and
  3. examines that embedding in the context of cancer risk, treatment, and outcome.

Although much of the science supported though the society focuses on psychological, behavioral, and social factors as "stressors" and the impact of such exposures on health outcomes, we used the concept of an "exposome" as a new lens with which we hope to further our understanding of cancer and the development of clinically relevant and precise interventions..