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The American Psychosomatic Society (APS) takes a stand in support of health care and the scientific method, and against proposed travel bans. It invites its sister societies to support this statement.

In detail,

  1. The APS believes healthcare is a basic human right.
  2. The APS is deeply concerned about the potential impact on the delivery of clinical services if the Affordable Care Act is repealed without a suitable replacement that guarantees:
    1. a) access to affordable healthcare for all;
    2. b) no exclusions or penalties for pre-existing conditions;
    3. c) protection and enforcement of mental health parity;
  3. As an organization promoting scholarship and its application to health, APS is concerned about the current contempt for facts, attacks on expertise, and rejection of science.
  4. APS urges its members to participate in the March for Science on April 22, 2017, and will make a concerted effort to participate as an organization.
  5. In the name of the free flow of ideas and people demanded by science, and to avoid compounding the stress and trauma already experienced by populations at risk for discrimination, APS opposes restriction on travel to the US beyond current already stringent regulations.

In addition, the APS endorses a statement against the travel ban that has already been signed by at least 180 other professional organizations and educational institutions (see https://mcmprodaaas.s3.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/Multisociety%20Letter%20on%20Immigration%201-31-2017.pdf).