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Membership Benefits and Application

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Regular Membership          

Regular membership is open to professionals in medical, behavioral, scientific and related fields concerned with the treatment and study of psychosomatic processes in health and disease and who are qualified representatives of their respective disciplines. Regular members will normally hold the highest degree appropriate to their field. Evidence of noteworthy contributions to psychosomatic medicine or a comparable level of professional achievement will be acceptable in lieu of these requirements. Annual dues are $225, which include a subscription to the Journal. Applicants must submit their CV.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to students and trainees in medical, behavioral, and related fields concerned with the treatment and study of psychosomatic processes in health and disease who are enrolled in baccalaureate or post baccalaureate training. They have all rights and privileges of regular members with the exception of holding office. Annual dues are set at a reduced rate of $75, and include a subscription to the Journal Psychosomatic Medicine. Applications must include verification in writing from a faculty advisor testifying to the applicant's trainee status and interest in psychosomatic medicine.

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Emeritus Membership

Emeritus Membership shall be granted upon request of the member to individuals with at least 15 years of regular membership in the Society, and upon reaching either the age of 70 or retirement. Dues are waived while still receiving all benefits of regular membership.

Corresponding Membership

Corresponding membership may be extended to professionals who meet the criteria for regular membership and also reside in developing countries. Applicants must be recommended in writing by one regular or emeritus member. Corresponding members pay reduced, or no, dues as set by the Council. A Journal subscription is available at the reduced rate of $50.

APS Special Interest Groups

APS is pleased to accept applications from members interested in developing a Special Interest Group within the structure of the Society. It is anticipated that SIGs will utilize technology and social media to engage and share information, and will be encouraged to meet face-to-face during the APS Annual Meeting.