Society for Biopsychosocial Science and Medicine
Annual Scientific Meeting
“Embracing heterogeneity:
towards a more inclusive, and patient-tailored clinical care

March 23-26, 2022
Long Beach, California

Hilton Long Beach
701 West Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, CA 90831 

We understand that there is a great deal of uncertainty about travel given the COVID-19 pandemic and associated variants. At the current time, we are looking forward to an in-person meeting, with the following safety protocols in place:

  • Proof of vaccination will be required for all meeting attendees
  • PCR testing prior to travel is strongly encouraged
  • Attendees will be required to mask except while presenting at a podium or actively eating or drinking
  • A negative rapid COVID antigen test will be required onsite for all attendees
  • A negative rapid PCR test will be required for attendees who are not up to date on vaccination

The SBSM Annual Meeting is an open scientific and clinical forum where investigators from allied disciplines pool their knowledge, consider problems of conceptual relationships, and develop ideas that will stimulate further research.

The meeting is devoted to the presentation of scientific papers, symposia, workshops, poster sessions, and invited lectures, and special attention is given to networking opportunities to foster ongoing relationships within the community.

We invite you to contribute to the exchange of information and ideas by submitting your research. Submissions that address the meeting theme of Embracing heterogeneity, towards a more inclusive, and patient-tailored clinical care” are particularly encouraged. Limited competitive travel scholarships are available to authors to assist with the cost of attendance.


More about the theme:


A promise rarely kept by fashion industry and medicine alike is that one size would fit all. Most therapies help in only a subset of patients, and the reasons for why there is so much clinical diversity are poorly understood. Instead of labeling this diversity as inevitable, the current age of patient-centered, and personalized medicine asks for explanations and solutions regarding this diversity, to arrive at a more patient-tailored clinical care. Moreover, the persistent societal inequalities related to racism, discrimination, and polarization and their intersectionality come at a mental cost, increasing anxiety, stress, and related illnesses. There is a continued need to focus on causes, mechanisms, and interventions aimed at reducing inequality, and relieving its consequences. The aims of the 2022 SBSM annual meeting will therefore focus on embracing diversity in three ways: i) by addressing the persistent societal stressors and their intersectionality that underlie health inequality, ii), by addressing clinical diversity, i.e., what works for whom, and iii) by addressing mechanistic research that explains why this is so.