Candidate qualifications and other considerations used by the Nominating Committee (approved by Council December, 2008)

Individuals nominated for leadership positions will be evaluated by the Nominating Committee based upon several qualifications. A strong candidate will generally be an individual who:

  1. Is an active APS member, as reflected in terms of longevity and regular attendance at annual meeting.
  2. Is a leader in his/her professional field, as reflected in current and prior career positions and notable contributions to research, education and healthcare.
  3. Is committed to, and familiar with, the organization, as reflected in current and prior types and ranges of involvement in the organization, during which the individual has contributed his/her time and expertise.
  4. Has demonstrated leadership skills in not-for-profit professional organizations, as reflected in roles either within or outside of the APS.
  5. Possesses high ethical standards and for whom serving would not constitute a significant conflict of interest.

These qualifications need not be met equally by a given candidate and, for the positions of Council member and Nominating Committee member-at large, prior substantive contributions to the APS (#3 above) is preferred by not required. For example, an individual with a clear record of leadership in a related field or organization may be a strong candidate even if only a new member with limited involvement in the APS. On the other hand, the position of President-elect will normally be filled by an individual who meets all of the above qualifications.

In addition to the above general qualifications, the APS seeks among its leaders diversity with respect to gender, race, nationality, and professional background and areas of specialization. Accordingly, the Nominating Committee will consider these characteristics among current and outgoing Council members so that its choices for open seats ensure that the Council as a whole is diverse and representative of the membership. In a similar manner for the positions of president-elect, secretary-treasurer and at-large member seats on the Nominating Committee, the diversity characteristics of current and recent individuals holding those positions will be examined by the Nominating Committee to guide its selections.

At each Fall Council meeting, these qualifications and the characteristics of current leaders will be reviewed. Council may elect to instruct the Nominating Committee to more heavily weigh certain characteristics in their upcoming selections. If, for example, a certain professional background would be advantageous for the organization at that time, the Council may request that such a factor be given priority.

While the deliberations of the Nominating Committee will remain confidential to protect the individuals being considered, the reasoning for the committee’s choices and the qualifications of those selected for each position will be made available to the Council and all members.

Finally, potential future leaders may be identified prior to their having significant involvement in the APS. In those circumstances, the President and Nominating Committee will work to involve such individuals in the organization with the goal of cultivating their leadership skills and affiliation with the APS.