Antiracism Task Force

The Task Force was formed in 2021 to identify manifestations of systemic racism within APS and to make recommendations for building a more inclusive and equitable organization.

Task Force Members

  • Nancy Sin, PhD - Co-Chair
  • Yvette Szabo, PhD - Co-Chair
  • Michael Stanton, PhD
  • Janet Tomiyama, PhD
  • Kristi White, PhD

Psychosomatic Medicine Article:

The American Psychosomatic Society Antiracism Task Force: Implementation, Activities, and Lessons Learned

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee (including subcommittees) is responsible for selecting the recipients of the awards and scholarships offered by the Society. These include:

  • Distinguished Scientist Award
  • Herbert Weiner Early Career Award
  • Patricia R. Barchas Award
  • Oken Fellowship (subcommittee)
  • MacLean Award and MacLean Travel Scholarships (subcommittee)
  • Young Scholar Awards
  • MD Travel Awards
  • Diversity Travel Awards
  • Cousins Center Global Outreach Awards

The Awards Committee is also responsible for monitoring, resolving, and preempting through disclosure and recusal, any conflicts of interest among its members that would result in an unfair selection of an award recipient.

Finally, the Awards Committee is responsible for managing the presentation of awards yearly at the Society's annual meeting in coordination with the Program Planning Committee.

Aric Prather, PhD, Chair (2022)

Committee Members

  • Paige Green, PhD, MPH, FABMR
  • John M. Ruiz, PhD
  • A. Janet Tomiyama, PhD
  • Roland von Känel, MD
  • Elizabeth Brondolo, PhD

Oken Sub-Committee

  • Lawson R. Wulsin, MD, Chair (2020)

Paul D. MacLean Award Sub-Committee

  • Hugo Critchley, MB ChB, DPhil, Chair
  • Naomi Eisenberger, PhD
  • Annie Ginty, PhD
  • Richard Lane, MD, PhD
  • Evan MacLean, PhD
  • William R. Lovallo, PhD
  • Tor Wager, PhD

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee oversees the recruitment and retention of a diverse membership by implementing activities within APS and by developing and managing relationships with other associations and societies. The Committee aims to enhance the value of APS membership by identifying important needs and trends relevant to current and prospective members, whereby it strives for a balanced representation of disciplines, which is consistent with the Society's mission.

The Committee's mission encompasses all levels of membership including:

  1. Regular membership - those in medical, biological, physiological, psychological and sociological disciplines and professionals who teach, practice, or participate in investigations of psychosomatic relationships
  2. Associate membership - individuals enrolled in medical, graduate, undergraduate school, or in residencies or fellowships,
  3. Early career membership - available for two years following the conclusion of training, to support individuals as they transition to their first independent position
  4. Emeritus membership - regular members who have been a member for 15 years and have reached the age of 70 or who retired for other reasons
  5. Corresponding members - professionals who meet the criteria for regular membership and also reside in developing countries.

Anna Marsland, PhD, RN, Co-Chair (2023)
Matthew Zawadzki, PhD, Co-Chair (2023)

Committee Members

  • Meanne Chan, PhD
  • Erin Costanzo, PhD
  • Elliot Friedman, PhD
  • Paige Green, PhD, MPH, FABMR
  • Tasneem Khambaty, PhD
  • Rebecca G. Reed, PhD
  • Ruichen Sun, BA
  • Catherine Walsh, MS

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee includes six members with staggered terms:

  • Immediate Past-President
  • President
  • One Council member
  • Three At-Large members.

Each year one Nominating Committee Council member will be elected for a one-year term and one at-large member will be elected for a three-year term. Both of these elections will be competitive. The President of the Society shall act as chair. Each fall, the Nominating Committee shall solicit nominations for president-elect, Council seats and seats on the Nominating Committee from the entire membership.

Tené T. Lewis, PhD, FABMR,  FAHA, Chair (2023)

Committee Members

  • Viola Vaccarino, MD, PhD
  • Daryl O'Connor, PhD
  • Sarah Pressman, PhD
  • Sue Everson-Rose, PhD, MPH
  • Lisa Christian, PhD

Program Committee


The Program Committee is responsible for developing the academic portions of the Annual Meeting held for 3 to 4 days each March. The Program Committee's mission is primarily to ensure that the scientific programming of the meeting is of high interest to the membership and of high quality.

The Program Committee also serves the strategic goals of the Society, including diversity, mentoring, dissemination, and liaison. Whereas scientific quality is the overarching goal of the Committee, targeted programming and activities may also promote:

  • The study of diversity as it pertains to psychosomatic science
  • Ethnic diversity among the membership
  • Consciousness of the Society among leading scientists who are not already members
  • Accessibility of information about the meeting to the membership and the public at large
  • A sense among trainees that the Society should be their scientific "home".

These goals are achieved democratically via discussion among the members of the Committee, votes by the Committee, and/or blinded peer review.

Kristi White, PhD, LP, ABPP Chair (2024)

Committee Members

  • Amanda Acevedo, PhD
  • Layla Banihashemi, PhD
  • Meanne Chan, PhD
  • Iris Ka-Yi Chat, MA
  • Kuan-Hua Chen, PhD
  • Stephanie Cook, DrPH
  • Hugo Critchley, MB ChB, DPhil
  • Allison Gaffey, PhD
  • Vera Jandačková, PhD
  • Amber Johnson, PhD, MPH
  • Nadia Liyanage-Don, MD
  • Andrea Lopez-Cepero, PhD, MPH
  • Lisa Quadt, PhD
  • Becky Salomon, PhD
  • Nancy Sin, PhD
  • Dante Anthony Tolentino, PhD
  • Maaike Van Den Houte, MSc, PhD
  • Ali Weinstein, PhD
  • Cameron Wiley, MA