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Latest Newsletters

2020 Annual Meeting Special Edition

From the Editor’s Desk Annie Ginty, PhD APS Newsletter Editor Welcome to the Special Issue newsletter featuring the upcoming American…

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Winter 2020 Newsletter

From the Editor’s Desk Annie Ginty, PhD APS Newsletter Editor Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s 2020 is off to…

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Summer 2019 Newsletter

From the Editor’s Desk Annie Ginty, PhD APS Newsletter Editor Welcome to our Late Summer Edition of the APS Newsletter.…

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Latest News Releases

Having At Least Four Close Relationships Might Curb Mortality Risk for Widowed Older Adults

Contact: Atina Manvelian, MA Email: atinamanvelian@email.arizona.edu For Release: Immediately The death of a spouse, an experience sure to become increasingly…

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Healthier Lifestyle Habits for Kids: A Possible Link with Less ADHD

Contact: Paul Veugelers Email: paul.veugelers@ualberta.ca For Release: Immediately About one out of every eight U.S. boys and one in 18…

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How Poverty Endangers the Teeth: New Immune System Link Found

Poorer people are more likely than the better off to have periodontal disease—inflamed and bleeding gums, cavities and teeth that are so infected they must be pulled.

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President's Message

Spring 2020 President’s Message

Dear APS members, This message is to provide some important updates for APS. Following the unprecedented cancellation of our 2020…

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Winter 2020 President’s Message

Season’s greetings! With another year upon us, it is good to take time to reflect on the lessons and blessings…

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Summer 2019 President’s Message

The American Psychosomatic Society has been my professional home for more than 20 years. It is where I find inspiration…

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