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APS Introduces Fellows of APS to recognize sustained contributions and excellence in psychosomatic science

February 24, 2020

APS is pleased to announce the Fellow Status in the American Psychosomatic Society (FAPS) has been created to recognize sustained excellence in scholarship and/or…

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How Poverty Endangers the Teeth: New Immune System Link Found

February 13, 2020

Poorer people are more likely than the better off to have periodontal disease—inflamed and bleeding gums, cavities and teeth that are so infected they must be pulled.

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Key Racial Difference Found in Health Benefits of Rising Income and Education

February 13, 2020

White adults who have reached a higher socioeconomic class across their life course tend to enjoy a drop in their inflammation levels—and so lower risk for disease—but that’s not true for blacks, a novel new study suggests.

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American Psychosomatic Society Annual Meeting

Achieving Health Equity: Opportunities for Psychosomatic Science

Long Beach, California
March 11-14, 2020

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